Minthoshi pillows are filled in only with 100% organic buckwheat hulls which provide superior support for our body. Buckwheat hulls will mold perfectly to the shape of your body during meditation but also head and neck when you relaxing. This allows you to have the right posture which is important for good head, neck, and spine alignment.

You can also add or remove hulls to get the moldability just right. Our Minthoshi pillows are toxin free as buckwheat hulls are both all natural and organic.This makes for an eco friendly and healthy relax, with no need to worry about breathing in toxins during your relaxing time.

Other benefit of our buckwheat pillows is that they have a natural smell that help you feel super relaxed. And mostly buckwheat pillows do indeed hold their ground for several years, even up to 20 if you care for them properly!